How to get the best psychic phone readings and avoid scammers.

Psychic phone readings are a common way most people use today to solve difficult problems. Have you ever felt that you are stuck in your life and you just can’t get this problem solved? Or perhaps you are unsure about your life and you wish to take a peek into the future – psychic readings are the right things for you. There are many different psychic readers that specialize in different aspects of life like love, career, future and most of them use different tools like Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls and more, to predict what should you do.

After trying various types of psychic readings, meeting psychics in person, speaking with them on the phone and also chatting with them by website chat or email. I’ve come to the conclusion that the psychics’ world is diversified and very unique. And there is no end to the amount of time you can invest to search the best psychic for you. However – there is also a disadvantage to it, as there are many fake psychics who will try to steal your money without really helping you.

For this reason, I’ve tested dozens of psychic networks and hundreds of psychics and decided to open this website, in which every week, I will feature here my favorite psychic network and make sure that none of you guys fall into the hands scam psychic readers. If you wish to know that and also figure out how to get the best psychic phone readings and avoid scammers, Follow me! and read on.

How to avoid common psychic reading scams:

1. Stay with the trusted networks: It’s really hard to keep track of all the psychics out there and to know which ones are better than the others, which have reputation and which have scammed other people already. This is why different psychic networks were created. The purpose of psychic networks is to help you filter out the psychics you don’t wish to contact with, whether it is because their recent bad reviews, inexperience or because of low quality score. When you use a psychic network you can be sure that the psychic you are going to use is an experienced psychic with a record of happy visitors that were satisfied from their readings. Also, the great thing about psychic networks is – if you aren’t satisfied, you will receive your money back, guaranteed!

2. Don’t believe the curse scam! Most people don’t know the what the curse scam is, and they tend to fall for this lie alot. The curse scam happens when you are in a psychic reading with a low reputation psychic, and the psychic wants to scare you and cause you to pay more, so she/he tell you that you have a “Curse” on you and the only way that this curse could be lifted is by purchasing the psychic’s merchandise. The problem with this curse, is that it will never be lifted and the psychic will continue to tell you stories of why you should buy the next and next product to help cure this curse. The solution to this problem is to understand that THERE IS NO CURSE, there never has been and the psychic is lying to you. What you need to learn from this is that when you hear “You have a curse”, run away from this psychic.

3. They offer prayers for money. Sometimes you might meet a psychic that claims that the only solution for your problem is if you pay for the psychic to “pray” for you, if you pay her/him enough money. This way the psychic can offer you their “praying” and “ritual” services that they will do for you, and each of these services will supposedly help you (of course after you will pay for each ritual). You must understand that a normal psychic will never ask for additional cash from you. There is the normal fee per minute for the psychic phone reading and that’s it, you don’t need to pay more than that for any psychic! When a psychic starts to ask for you to pay more and more cash for weird reasons, that’s the sign that you need to leave immediately, and search for a new trusted and accurate psychic reader.

Top Psychic Network Of 2014: AskNow

AsknowAfter testing dozens of networks in the last month, I came to the conclusion that the best psychic network of 2014 would be AskNow in all the aspects tested (Accuracy, Trust, Compassion, Reputation and Price.) AskNow was in the top of all the charts in my research. I spoke with over 20+ psychics from this network, and all I can say is that I’m Completely Satisfied from their psychic phone readings. AskNow has decent prices for their psychic readings, really cheap compared to the high value you receive from the readings.

You can always count on AskNow psychics to help you with your problems, no matter what is the issue. That is because of the huge variety of psychics that this network has, ranging from love and relationship psychics, to career psychics all the way to psychics that can help you with your life and future. If you have any specific tool you are interested in, you can count on AskNow that they will have several psychics that use this tool in their reading. For example: Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls, Astrology, Numerology and more..

Probably the best thing about psychic AskNow is their specialty of Love&Relationship Psychics and Career Psychics. Over thousands of psychics each months try to enroll to the AskNow network, but only 1 out of 200 psychics is accepted, this ensures the quality of the psychics and the accuracy of the reading. If you’ve got a problem with your love life, your husband, your future soulmate orĀ  if perhaps you are stuck at your job or business, I can assure you that AskNow psychics will be the best choice you could make! Allow yourself to get better life and solve all your problems with the trusted and best psychic phone readings of AskNow!

Reasons AskNow is on the top:

  • First Time Discount : 15 minutes for $10 or 1$ per minute!
  • Support and Psychic Readings 24/7, ready to help!
  • Top Love Psychics & Career Psychics worldwide.
  • 100% Money back guaranteed if you weren’t satisfied from the service.

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My secret tips to improve your psychic readings!

Most people I know, don’t know how to really get a great psychic reading. They choose a psychic randomly, don’t know what are they going to ask and are usually unsure what is going to happen in the psychic reading. If you want to get the maximum results from each an every psychic reading, you need to be ready and prepare yourself. First, you need to ask yourself what is interrupting you in your life and what you wish to ask the psychic reader, don’t over complicate things and don’t add too much information. Try to sum it up and reduce it to 2-3 questions at most for each reading. This will allow you to receive a much more targeted reading, with a high quality explanation of your situation and what things you can do to improve your life. This way, the psychic could better understand what you need and give you a detailed plan of what should you do.

Secondly, Don’t choose psychics randomly. Search for psychics that are experts in your problem area. Instead of choosing a random psychic and receiving 60% of the results you want. Go into the psychic network, filter the psychics by the problem area, for example: love&relationship/career/clairvoyant. Then, you can filter the psychics by the tools they are using. And after that you can choose to filter by the price they ask for each minute and other filters like number of reviews and quality score. By using this tricks, you can easily get 100% out of each and every psychic reading session you are going through!

Why should you use a psychic phone reading?

If you are unsure how should you contact the psychic and which is the best way let me show you the current options of psychic readings these days:

psychic chat/email readings : Email and chat readings are probably the wost type of readings you can get, the psychic can’t hear you and listen to what you sound like – whether you are scared, angry or dipressed. Even though the price is really cheap, I don’t think anyone should use these type of readings as the quality of these chats and emails are really low. Instead of using it, I would suggest you to save up a bit more money and invest it in a much better quality psychic reading from a professional.

meeting a psychics at their clinic: This solution will probably be very expensive. Each psychic that decides to open a clinic automatically raises the prices of readings without any relation to her/his experience. That is because the psychic thinks that because she/he has their own clinic, they are much more experienced and can be trusted. However, the reality isn’t the same – most of the times you will be paying a high amount of money for a low quality psychic. There is no way you could check what her/his last visitors said, how accurate and trusted the psychic is and whether the price justifies the quality of the psychic.

psychic phone readings: The best option that I would recommend to everyone. Cheap Price – High Quality Psychic Reading. That’s all there is to say.. You can check the psychic’s reviews, you can know that the psychic can be trusted because she/he is in a highly reputed network. By using the internet you have options that others don’t have, like filtering psychics by your choice, and having a great variety to choose from. This is the perfect solution for those who wish to invest small amount of money and receive great results each and every time.

That is why, you can clearly see that phone psychic reading is probably the best choice these days, high quality reading with a cheap price. You can speak with the psychic and hear her, but still pay small price in comparison to meeting a psychic and paying tons of money for your reading, which is absurd. If you wish to have an accurate reading for a cheap price, and you don’t want to compromise on the quality, the top choice that I would suggest you would be a phone reading from a great network!

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